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PhD Scholarship - Indigenous Policy at School of Political Science and International Studies

Welcome to the School of Political Science and International Studies. The School is at the forefront of teaching and research in political science in Australia and also enjoys a strong international reputation.
We offer a wide range of courses in public policy, Australian politics, international relations, peace and conflict studies, political economy and political and social theory. Our courses are concerned with how we make sense of the world in which we live, the current challenges we face and how both Australian and international political institutions ought to respond to complex policy problems in an era of globalisation and rapid social change.

Roberto Cimetta Fund

The Roberto Cimetta Fund is an international association promoting artistic exchange and the mobility of professionals in the field of contemporary performing arts and visual arts within the Mediterranean area.
In the Mediterranean region, the frontier region between the Arab, European and Turkish worlds, mobility is an historic reality and an absolute necessity today. It is essential to give shape to the concept of ? the dialogue between cultures ? and to ensure that individuals really meet ; more concretely this means to make financial resources available to facilitate travel, to capitalise on the opportunities for professional gathering, but also to recognise the free circulation of culture professionals as an integral part of their work. These are amongst the objectives of the Roberto Cimetta Fund.

IFAR Grants and Fellowship

IFAR is a results-oriented foundation that supports partnerships, collaboration, and awards as a means of fostering scientific excellence in agriculture and related fields.
It is a public charity headquartered in the U.S.A., where it has the legal status of a 501(c) 3 organization, i.e. it can receive and disburse funds from public and private sources to serve the public good.
IFAR\'s three programs were established in 2003. They:
(a) Supported the CGIAR Science Awards Program;
(b) Supported promising young scientists and policy makers from the developing countries, by providing additional training and professional development opportunities and through CGIAR-supported Centers, consistent with their strengths and interests;
(c) Exercised stewardship of CGIAR reserves.

Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET ) Fund

Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET ) is committed to improving health services in developing countries through strengthening long-term capacity.
Based in the UK, we have over twenty years experience working with health institutions around the world, promoting action that is practical, sustainable and responsive.
Our mission is to help improve the basic health services of the poorest countries, building long-term capacity.
THET believes in the values of solidarity of justice between people across all territorial and social boundaries. We are driven by a belief that everyone, irrespective of wealth or background, should have adequate healthcare. Working in partnership with health institutions in developing countries, our ultimate aim is to help people to live longer and healthier lives enabling them to take part in their local economy and society.

Setsutaro Kobayashi Memorial Fund
Development of international understanding and cooperation is all the more important to achieve a peaceful and harmonious global society, which is the long-term goal of humanity in the 21st century.


5 Postdoctoral Research Fellows at Australian Synchrotron
The Australian Synchrotron, a major national facility, provides researchers from Australia, NZ and further afield, with a powerful tool for fundamental, applied and industrial research.


Australian Synchrotron Postgraduate Awards
The Australian Synchrotron Postgraduate Awards have been established to promote awareness of the capabilities of the Australian Synchrotron and to encourage and support outstanding postgraduate students to use this exciting new research facility as part of their research project.


John V. Krutilla Research Stipend
Resources for the Future (RFF) will award one research grant for the 2011–2012 academic year in honor of the late John V. Krutilla, a renowned environmental economist who served as a senior fellow at RFF for most of his career.


Arab World Social Innovators
Arab World Social Innovators (AWSI) program will identify and support men and women who are the founders of businesses and civil society organizations whose work is intended to improve the well being of those living in the geographies where they operate. Innovators are eligible who are engaged in doing work in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine or the United Arab Emirates.


International Bremen Peace Award
the Threshold Foundation will award the International Bremen Peace Award for exemplary commitments to Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation for the fifth time.


Right Livelihood Award
The idea of \'right livelihood\' is an ancient one. It embodies the principle that each person should follow an honest occupation, which fully respects other people and the natural world. It means being responsible for the consequences of our actions and taking only a fair share of the earth\'s resources.


Journal of Environmental Investing to fund Scholarship Program for original research on environmental investing
The Journal of Environmental Investing Scholarship Program will award US$3,500 annually to a graduate student who writes the most original and rigorous manuscript on a topic related to environmental investing.


Humane Studies Fellowships
Humane Studies Fellowships are awarded to graduate students and outstanding undergraduates planning academic careers and engaged in liberty-advancing research.


HRC Visiting Fellows
The Humanities Research Centre, with the Research School of Humanities & Arts (RSHA), administers a visiting fellowship program to enhance its national and international links with humanities scholars. The Humanities Researchf Centre visiting fellowship program has been running for the last 35 years.

Mary Baker Eddy Library awards fellowships
The Mary Baker Eddy Library awards fellowships to academic scholars and independent researchers for research in its collections, which center on the papers of Mary Baker Eddy and records documenting the history of Christian Science.


ANRC Overseas Travel Fellowships
The Australia-Netherlands Research Collaboration (ANRC) commenced operations in late July 2007. The project supports Australia-Netherlands academic relations and brings together researchers from both countries to focus on Southeast Asia.


Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship
The Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program brings emerging leaders in key professional fields from Eurasia to the United States for one to two years of graduate study at institutions across the United States.


Persephone Miel Fellowship
The Persephone Miel Fellowship for Crisis Reporting is intended to give non-native English speaking media professionals the opportunity to reach audiences beyond their home countries on critical under-reported issues.


Compton International Fellows
Since 2001, the Compton Foundation and the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) have collaborated to increase the capacity of outstanding graduate students from sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America to affect policy and/or improve the effectiveness of population, family planning, and reproductive health programs in the developing world.

IP Fellowships at The Population Reference Bureau
The Population Reference Bureau (PRB), through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), sponsors fellowships for one or two years.


Joseph L. Fisher Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships
In honor of the late Joseph L. Fisher, president of Resources for the Future (RFF) from 1959–1974, RFF will award fellowships for the coming academic year in support of doctoral dissertation research on issues related to the environment, natural resources, or energy.


Gilbert F. White Postdoctoral Fellowship
RFF is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that conducts independent research – rooted primarily in economics and other social sciences – on environmental, energy, natural resource and environmental health issues.


Policy Communication Fellows at The Population Reference Bureau
The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) is now accepting applications for its Policy Communication Fellows program.

2 PhD scholarships in Macroecology and Macroevolution
Two full-time PhD scholarships are available in the Department of Biological Sciences for a suitably qualified domestic or international candidate. Only one scholarship is available for an international student.


A full-time PhD scholarship in Physics
A full-time PhD scholarship is available in Physics, MQ Photonics Research Centre, at Macquarie University.


Two full-time PhD scholarships in Pharmacology
Two full-time PhD scholarships are available immediately to one Australian and one international candidate to undertake research and join the Pharmacology group at the Australian School of Advanced Medicine (ASAM), Macquarie University.


Six full-time PhD Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarships
Six full-time PhD Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarships (MQRES/iMQRES) for either domestic and international students (three domestic and three international) are now available in the new ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and it’s Disorders.

The Klerman Award for Outstanding Clinical Research
An honorary distinction for outstanding clinical research established in 1994, by Myrna Weissman, Ph.D., in memory of her husband, Gerald L. Klerman, M.D. A cash prize ($1,000) is also awarded. An awards ceremony is held in New York City in July.


The Freedman Award for Outstanding Basic Research
An honorary distinction for outstanding basic research established in 1998 to honor the late Daniel X. Freedman, M.D., a pioneer in biological psychiatry. A cash prize ($1,000) is also given. An awards ceremony is held in New York City in July.


Nola Maddox Falcone Prize for Affective Disorders
(formerly the Selo Prize and the Lieber Prize for Affective Disorders) is given annually for outstanding research achievement in affective disorder research. It is funded by Dr. Charles Falcone and Mrs. Nola Maddox Falcone and also provides a cash award of $50,000.


Lieber Prize for Schizophrenia Research
has been given annually since 1987. It is funded by the Essel Foundation and provides a cash award of $50,000.


Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Prize for Schizophrenia Research
is selected by the current year’s Lieber Prize for Schizophrenia Research winner, and is typically a young investigator at the Lieber Prize winner’s institution conducting outstanding work in schizophrenia research.


Goldman-Rakic Prize for Outstanding Cognitive Neuroscience Research
was initiated in 2003 in honor of Patricia Goldman-Rakic, Ph.D. It is given annually to recognize outstanding research in cognitive neuroscience. A $40,000 cash prize is awarded.


Ruane Prize for Outstanding Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Research
was initiated in 2000 by the Ruanes. It is given annually to recognize outstanding research in child and adolescent psychiatry. A $50,000 cash prize is awarded.


NARSAD grant
NARSAD raises money from donors around the world and invests it directly in the most promising research projects in mental health.


Günter Schm?lders Fellowship
The Schm?lders-Stiftung für Verhaltensforschung im Wirtschaftsleben will award a post-doctoral fellowship in the field of social economics or a related discipline.